The Team Behind the Team

The Dad's that run the team


Marcello Pedani

Team Principal

Marcello is a father of 3 and provides the link to everything Italian. From him cooking of fresh Italian pasta for the team on race day to the deep connections to Italcorse HQ in Italy, he is driven to make everyone on the team be their very best.

Marcello is the champion of sharing tips, tricks, data and advice to make all the kids the very best, where others want to hide information so only their kid will be the best. 


Stu Garrow

Team Principal

Stu grew up on a farm in Australia, so learnt the practical approach to simply getting things done and the small town approach to helping everyone around you. His son Conrad entered the sport at age 7 and now enjoys helping the younger kids get fast quickly. 

Stu is the geek behind the social media, the data analysis for the kids, the use of GoPro video and researching the small details of setting up the karts for optimal performance.