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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question regarding our team, our karts or simple how to get started? Find out what you really need to know about Italcorse Asia by checking out our list of frequently asked questions. 

Health and Safety

Upon arrival, we will help you to check in using the Trace Together App or IC registration and have your temperature checked. Please wear a mask and observe safe distancing practices during your visit.

The Experience

Team Italcorse Asia enables kids to try go karting in a safe environment. You can try out for the team which includes training, group practice sessions and races! Individual sessions and other packages are also available.

Beginner Experience

  • Introduction to karting

  • Safety briefing

  • Track circuit details

  • Fitting for suit and helmet

  • Driver coaching

  • Training in lights, flags and hand signals

  • Instructions for acceleration, braking and driving

Intermediate/Advanced Experience

  • Discussion on status of experience

  • Track circuit briefing

  • Goal setting – speed, racing line, track time

  • Specialised kart and engine setup

  • Fitting for suit and helmet

  • Coaching for advanced racing techniques

Is Karting Safe?

Team Italcorse Asia enables kids to try go karting in a safe environment. Full protective gear is provided and friendly mechanics look after the karts and coach the drivers.


Each driver is fitted in a professional race suit and helmet. Karts have a very low centre of gravity and the track is wide so even beginners who haven't driven before can do it. The driver is in control of speed and direction so you can go at your own pace.. Please see the videos on our youtube channel that talk about kart safety: 

How to Book a Session

Please book your try-out via this page:

Then call or WhatsApp to lock in your date and time:

Marcello HP 9101 6946

What People Say

"That was the most thrilling thing I've ever done!"
Novan, 18th Birthday Gift from Mum, Angela

Refund Policy

Kids are unpredictable so if they freak out within the first ten minutes and do not want to continue, we will refund you 50% of the full session price you paid for them, which covers the kart setup.

Team Race Ages

Ages 5 to 6 use a Bambino Kart for smaller kids

Ages 7 to 12 race in a Cadet Kart

Ages 13 to 17 race in a Junior Kart

For kids 5 to 6 years old, we can start them in a Bambino (baby) Kart which suits the younger drivers. There is currently no racing for this age group in Singapore, but it is a great place to practice and learn.

Wear and Bring

Wear light sports clothes and covered shoes eg. runners

Bring a water bottle with plenty of water.

If you have your own gloves you may bring them, otherwise you may purchase your own set from us.

Team Try Outs

First book in for a karting session so we can assess your level, identify your goals and see if you are a good fit for the team. If all good, we will then discuss the relevant Team Package options with you.

When you book, we will ask for each driver's details so we can customise their kart, including:

  • Full name

  • Height

  • Age

Locations and Parking

Note - bookings are required before you visit

We have a Team Garage at Karting Arena @ Jurong. See the contact page for directions.

Retail Items Available for Purchase

We have gloves, ear plugs, water bottles, hats, shirts and safety gear available for sale. 

We have limited stock, so we'll point you to the right place to get your gear if we aren't able to help you.

International Race Calendar

There are regional and international races we can attend as a team once restrictions ease, including in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macao, Australia and Italy.

Stay tuned for Team Travel Packages once the borders open and it's safe to travel again.

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